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Hi Beautiful! 

Welcome to Luna Rose! I am so happy that you have decided to visit our humble home. I thought a blog post would be a great way to introduce myself. My name Michelle and I am the founder of Luna Rose. 

I am so happy to finally meet you! It's great to get an opportunity to mix the love for my family and all things makeup and jewelry with those that have the same passion. 

To start off, I thought I would tell you a little bit about me.

I reside in the state of Florida and hail from Bronx, NY and Cleveland, OH- both I call my hometown states. I have 2 beautiful children that inspire me everyday and when not running my business I have the privilege of being a leader in the financial industry sector.

I absolutely LOVE makeup and jewelry! It's such an easy way to change up your look and express how your feeling inside. My goal is to continue to expand my business, but these 2 categories really demonstrate what I just CAN'T live without when getting ready for a night out, or even running some errands. 

I hope that as you visit Luna Rose, you get a chance to really feel our love for each product and become a frequent visitor. 

Thank you for visiting and shopping at Luna Rose. Stay safe beautiful!



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