About Us

Hi beautiful! Welcome to Luna Rose! I am so glad that you found us! We carry cosmetic, fashion accessories and jewelry that encourage you to live your authentic self and help you release your alter ego! 


Our Name

Luna Rose is more than just a name. It came to life by merging the love of my family and the feeling that it evokes. I come from a Dominican immigrant family of strong, creative and independent women. Luna is my mothers maiden name, which I associate with maternal strength.

My mother always exuded confidence, style and strength. My grandmother was the same and would tell me countless stories of her youth and the bold earrings she will wear. They had beautiful inner beauty that transcended into their outer style. 

Rose is an homage to my children. My first born’s name is Ayana, which means beautiful flower in Swahili. While a flower is delicate it plays an important part in nature and in its own way is a BOSS. Did you know that flowers can feed insects, and humans; and provide natural medicines? BOSS right!?  My son’s name is Ja’rell and came from my love of Superman. He is charismatic and while shy, has extreme passion. His passion and dedication are his super powers, which I hope you feel throughout our brand. My youngest daughter's name is Ayla, which means moonlight and my youngest son is Brandon Jayce, which literally means king healer :) 


Our Brand 

Our name was inspired by family and the feeling of strength, confidence and style. Our goal is to help release your alter ego and encourage you to live your authentic self! We want you to FEEL empowered, sexy, bold and beautiful when you wear our brand. 


Our Products

Our cosmetic products have high-end formulas, excellent quality control and great packaging! Our liquid lipsticks have an easy-to-apply liquid formula that contains coconut oil and vitamin E. Our lip liner is smooth and creamy and is formulated with shea butter and candelilla wax which is a natural vegetable wax derived from the leaves of the candelilla plant.

Our jewelry products bring you an array of options to help activate your super powers- from handmade jewelry to sterling silver and gold plated pieces. Each piece is carefully chosen to fit our alter ego types (ex. Sexy and Simple, Bold and Beautiful, etc). These categories not only help you easily find your go to style or but also may entice you to try something new.


Happy Shopping Beautiful!